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Archives Month Open House
Presentation • UALibrary, Fayetteville
27 October 2009
Presentation Doublrtroublets
The DoubleTroublets were honored as the featured speakers at the University of Arkansas Library in Fayetteville Archives Month Open House on October 27th, 2009, with a presentation on their work, the role that archives have played in making it possible, and a screening of their documentaries.

The slide deck for that presentation.

  • ¬©Doubletroublets Productions

    ©Doubletroublets Productions

  • <br>Choosing a Topic

    Choosing a Topic

  • <br>Conducting Research

    Conducting Research

  • <br>Taking Notes

    Taking Notes

  • <br>Prep for Interviews

    Prep for Interviews

  • <br>Prep for Interviews cont.

    Prep for Interviews cont.

  • <br>The Interview

    The Interview

  • <br>Writing Narration

    Writing Narration

  • <br>Narration cont.

    Narration cont.

  • <br>Editing


  • <br>Editing cont.

    Editing cont.

  • <br>Closing Thoughts

    Closing Thoughts

  • <br>Closing