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Recordimus Ergo Estis
The artists in this documentary are among the strongest and most talented artists working in Arkansas today. They represent a wide range of styles and engage their environment and their community in ways that enhance the quality of all of our lives.

These artists have thrived in Arkansas and have been able to maintain their creative careers because of what Arkansas has to offer. Within a short drive, or even walk, the artist has access to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and land in the country and a close-knit and supportive artistic community. Add the Internet to this mix and the artist living in Arkansas need no longer sacrifice quality of life to having a career.

Constructed from over 30 hours of interviews, this documentary weaves a story about being an artist and the creation of art.
2011[v2], DVD-NTSC-R1, 66:00
Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by Sarah & Emma Bailin
Cinematographer: Emma Bailin
Interviewers: David Bailin & Sarah Bailin
Interviewees: David Bailin, Beverly Buys, Gary Cawood, Les Christensen, Warren Criswell, Brad Cushman, Hamid Ebrahimifar, Eric Leon Freeman, Neal Harrington, Robyn Horn, Holly Laws, Margaret LeJeune, Evan Lindquist, Matthew Lopas, Tonya McNair, William McNamara, Dusty Mitchell, Cindy Momchilov, Ray Ogar, Maxine Payne, Sammy Peters, Michael Peven, Robert Reep, Carey Roberson, John Salvest, Katherine Strause, David Warren, Michael Warrick, LaDawna Whiteside, Steven Wise

2012 • MARCH
 Official Selection: 11th Annual 2012 Ozark Foothills Filmfest, Batesville, AR
Official Selection: WorldKids International Film Festival, 'Lessons in the Dark' school program, Mumbai, India